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can someone explain this 7 year rule with credit reports to me. lets say you have a macys card and for some strange reason, the statements they send The 7-Year Reporting Period is the time allowed for derogatory items to remain on your credit reports. Why It Matters. Knowing what is in your credit report, and how long it can be there, is important because it helps you manage your credit, evaluate your credit obligations and improve your ... How long does bad credit last on ... Medical Collection The Fact Act Medical Collections Credit Lawsuit Table Credit Bureau Stalls Debt Settlement Seven Year Rule Time Barred Debts Rapid Rescore ... (predate) the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limitations ... I have unpaid dept on my credit reports that is almost ready to come off because of the 7 year rule... Home; Mail; News; Sports; Finance; Weather; Games; Groups; Answers; Screen ... I have unpaid dept on my credit reports that is almost ready to come off because of the 7 year ... Sub: What are the guidelines for the 7 year rule on disputing old. Tue, 16/03/2010 21:06. reply; I know that there are still negative credit on mt credit report from accounts closed in 2000 & 2001. what do I say in the dispute to get these accounts removed. Top menu: Credit Report Seven Year Rule ,Get Your FREE Credit Score Credit Report Seven Year Rule, Check Credit Score For Free Credit Report Seven Year Rule. Start Here Today ... she has a question about the 7 year deletion rule that I am not sure of how to answer, ... Credit Talk; 7 year rule????? Results 1 to 6 of 6 Thread: 7 year rule????? LinkBack. ... She had a collection from a phone company back in '97 it went on her credit reports, ... Credit Report Rules at a Glance. ... is irrelevant to the 7-year rule. Some debts have a reporting period longer than 7 years, including: Tax liens: 10 years if unpaid, or 7 years from the payment date; People that earn over $75,000 annually may see arrest information longer than seven years in the past included ... 2 Responses to FCRA Compliance with the 7 Year Rule. eugene ... leave this on your phone all the time, so you can receive credit screening reports. Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. A little over 7 years is how long it takes for bad debts to drop off of your credit report. Statutue of Limitations that limits how long they can go to court for a judgment may be shorter or longer than that (varies by state). Here's a pretty good summary of the seven year reporting rule I ... A good credit report increases your financial credibility and makes ... Student loans are given no special treatment under the FCRA and thus fall under the usual 7 year limitiation on reporting found in 15 U.S.C ... Because of this federal law, the majority of bad debts may appear on a consumer's credit report for only so long. ... most types can only be listed on credit reports for seven years. ... This seven-year rule can be a little complicated, so I'll explain. ok...? about the "7 year rule" - posted in Credit Repair: ... I always like to remind people that even when a debt falls off of their credit report, the debt does not go away. It's still due to the creditor and they can still sue for it. I understand that bad debts fall off your credit report after 7 years. What I don't understand is this: A) Does it fall off 7 years after the incident (1/1/07) (ie: on 1/1/2007 Bob missed a payment & got a ding on his credit. ... based on the 7 year rule, should this still be on my credit report? Thanks! Message 1 of 4 (544 Views) Reply. okstatefan5945. Established Contributor. ... Equifax Credit Report is a trademark of Equifax, Inc. and its affiliated companies. I am unsure what you mean by the "7 year rule" but I assume you are referring to the period after which the credit reporting agencies are required to delete the account ... I agree with Mr. Hankins' estimate that the account should be obsolete and deleted from her credit report on or about April ... ... Experian and TransUnion, for free once each year. You can access your reports by visiting AnnualCreditReport.com. One ... Some exceptions to the seven-year rule include Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings (10 ... While they may be gone from your credit report, they may not be ... Credit 7 year rule PDF results. ... How do i get a free credit report every year - hud/u. s . Open document Search by title Preview with Google Docs . 7. can revolving debt with <10 months remaining be omitted? monthly payments on revolving or open-ended accounts, ... Credit Reports: Apply For Cards: Credit Directory: Credit Overview: Credit Problems: Credit News: International: Credit Glossary: Purchase Books: Credit Laws: Business Credit: Merchant Accts : FCRA 7-Year Reporting Rule question [ Follow Ups] [ Post Followup] ... Aside from bankruptcies, whether something is good or bad it comes OFF the credit report after 7 years, right? Lets say I get a credit card...the day I get it I ring up $1,000...and never pay a dime. credit report 7 years rule credit report vermont credit report irs credit report 30 day late credit report good standing credit report government credit report estimate credit report 3 in 1 freecreditreport.com credit report yearly credit report 2011 There are exceptions to the seven-year bad credit reporting rule, ... Since there are exceptions to the seven-year credit reporting statute, ... It will report for seven years from the filing date whether paid or unpaid. Subject: Is the 7 years rule , from when the delinquency was made? Does an One Know for Sure About the 7 Year Rule? I was reading some of the responses to the question about the moms brother that had the credit card issue. ... The only way you really know is to pull your credit report off once a year and see. Recession that Credit 7 Year Rule us if you can use it soConsolidation advice and get credit event of realtors, ... Credit 7 Year Rule; Credit Report Seven Year Rule; 7 Year Dating Rule; Credit Score 7 Years; 7 Year Rule On Debt; Seven Year Old Debt;
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